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Dream Big: Colorado Property for Sale

Your dream of owning rocky mountain land can become a reality for as little as $40 a month. No more putting off the dream of saying to yourself and your loved ones, “One day, we’re going to find a quiet piece of land to call our own.” You can buy cheap land in the historic San Luis Valley, now!

San Luis Valley is the largest alpine valley within the Southern Rocky Mountain Province with dimensions of approximately 100 miles from north to south and 60 miles from east to west. Our Colorado property for sale is situated in three locations: rural properties that border the Rio Grande River, properties that border the Alamosa Natural Wildlife Refuge, plus rural properties with valley views at the base of Mt. Blanca. All rural properties offer great value and spectacular views of the San Juan, La Garita, Sawatch, Sangre de Cristo and Culebra mountain ranges .

Trusted Provider of Rural Property

Larwill Ranches has been offering cheap land in the Costilla and Alamosa Counties of Colorado for over 30 years. As the original sub-dividers, our knowledge of the land and the area is unsurpassed. Moreover, experienced and native-born agents are available to show you rural properties that best meet your needs.

Trade-Up: Any time after purchasing, you can transfer your property with another available rural property if you would like. Our "Exchange Privilege" offering gives customers greater choice by transferring all equity they have built up to date toward the purchase of another property.


Experience the beauty and lifestyle of the San Luis Valley for yourself.